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About Us

Blew Amsterdam is designed to be a warm, luxurious and casual Cannabis Consumption Lounge located in Michigan. Since April of 2021, our goal has been to operate in Detroit with all determination to commit to our 'Good Neighbor Plan' (Coming Soon) contributing to the reviving and rebuilding of our community. Focusing on the medicinal properties of cannabis we aim to educate consumers on responsible cannabis consumption, the medicinal benefits and effects of cannabis and bringing more attention to mental health awareness. 

Blew Amsterdam has gone through the painstaking, time-consuming process, of vetting Michigan Cannabis Brands to select only the best of the best. The brands who will be featured inside Blew Amsterdam have not only cultivated the purest Michigan grown craft cannabis with delicious, unique terpene flavor profiles, but they share our like mindedness for wellness and respect for the culture of cannabis. For the first time, cannaseurs can browse through various quality cannabis brands and sample products before they purchase them.

Once you’ve perused Michigans Finest ever-changing cannabis menu, select a consumption method. After you have allowed yourself to unwind a bit, feel free to make a friend or two... unwind further by pampering yourself with a Massage or Yoga Session. Join in on open mic nights or paint and puffs. Play a game or just enjoy the vibe or live music. After all, we’re more than just a place to indulge in cannabis. We thrive to connect, to learn, to educate, to understand, to heal, to network, to socialize, to bond, to break stigmas, and to create generational wealth together... We’re a community.  

Good Neighbor Plan
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Notable Moments & Highlights

Blew Amsterdam LLC was established

August 2020

Active Michigan Social Equity

December 2020

Active Adult Use PreQualification License

April 2021

 Social Equity NCIA Membership

September 2021

Active Weedmaps Social Equity

October 2021

Active LYFT Partnership

November 2021

METRC Certification

December 2021

MI WBE/ MBE Certification

May 2022

Founder Graduated from the higher learning institutions

June 2022

Blew Amsterdam LLC is organizing detroits' 1st cannabis summit

August 23, 2022

Yea, we been getting active

What Blew Amsterdam has been up to
Links Coming Soon


Speaking on Social Equity & Licensing in Michigan


Oh, and she graduated from a Cannabis Institution

Participating in Detroit City Council Sessions


Guest appearing on Podcasts & Radio Shows


Press, Press, Press!

What they say !? 
Links Coming Soon

As we navigate the ever changing cannabis industry, dive into politics and aim to pioneer social cannabis in Detroit, Michigan Lounge, we are often mentioned in incredible articles and features in the media. Take your time and explore the latest stories about Blew Amsterdam, and check back regularly to keep up with the latest news. 
As a "Small Business Owner" as a Black Woman navigating the business and cannabis industry I encourage the media to write current and factual pieces pertaining to Blew Amsterdam. Your outreach spreads far beyond mine, at the moment leaving your word the last impression left of Blew Amsterdam for those who read your articles. 
-Christian Perine, Founder of Blew Amsterdam LLC

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As Detroit Opens Applications for unlimited pot licenses some fear there will be lawsuits

April 20, 2022

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Cannabis Owners Plea for More

April 10, 2022

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Detroit has no recreational pot businesses. That could soon change.

March 15, 2022

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