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Blew Amsterdam
Time Line

  • DEC 11, 2020 - Blew Amsterdam LLC was accepted into Michigan's Social Equity Program

  • FEB 5, 2021 - Blew Amsterdam LLC submitted the Phase 1 Pre-Qualification Application for an Adult Use Consumption Establishment

  • MAR 27, 2021 - Blew Amsterdam LLC's Founder Christian Perine applied for the Michigan Legacy Program

  • APR 8, 2021 - Blew Amsterdam LLC  ACTIVELY LICENSED, Phase 1 was APPROVED!

  • JULY 22, 2021 - Blew Amsterdam LLC signed a Building Purchase Agreement and guess what! DETROIT ! Blew Amsterdam chose YOU!


  • AUG 31, 2021 - To be blunt,  Blew Amsterdam withdrew from opening up in Detroit due to the unfortunate licensing restrictions caused by the Legacy Lawsuit  and is choosing another municipality.

  • OCT 2021 - Blew Amsterdam LLC was accepted into both the Weedmaps & National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA)  Social Equity Programs!

  • NOV 18, 2021 - Blew Amsterdam is officially METRC Certified

  • DEC 8, 2021 - Blew Amsterdam's Founder & Co Founder, Christian Perine & Justin Hatchett accompanied by Michael Stewart, Founder of Believe in Fate LLC spoke at the Pittsfield Charter Township  Public Board hearing on Article 11.49 in their Marihuana Ordinance  to permit Designated Consumption Establishment & Marihuana Event Coordinator licensing and rezoning..."open Blew Amsterdam & let us throw events"

  • MAR 1, 2022 - Blew Amsterdam's Founder Christian Perine spoke at the Formal City Council Session of Detroit, Michigan at the Coleman Young Municipal Center. Kicking off Women's History Month and advocating for the passing of the Marihuana  Ordinance.

  • MAR 7, 2022 - Detroit came through and PASSED the Marijuana Ordinance, SO Blew Amsterdam is COMING HOME !

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