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Michigan's First
Cannabis Consumption Lounge owned by a


Embrace the HIGH Life

Blew Amsterdam is Michigan's first licensed Cannabis friendly social club.

Owned and operated in Detroit by a Black Woman from Detroit.

 Consume your way, comfortably. Choose from the array of consumption methods such as blunts, joints, bongs, dab rigs, topicals or edibles.

Blew Amsterdam's team of canna-seurs have been touring cannabis brands across the state of Michigan to bring  you premium selections of top shelf flower, edibles, concentrates and topicals. Getting high, for you! Lol.

Browse the booths and talk to the vendors, sample their products and ask them about their grow process and effects of them before you make your purchase. Once you've sampled the products or made your selection sit down and enjoy it! 

Order some food from the food trucks, play a game, converse or zone out. 

Connect and heal with individuals of alike mind safely.


Before you leave Blew Amsterdam you can let the vendors know how much or little you enjoyed their products and its effect.

Transparency is key and safety is the 'Golden Rule' to further insure or guests safety Blew Amsterdam has partnered with Lyft, using the Blew Amsterdam discount code guests can get discounted rides to & from

Blew Amsterdam.

Blew Amsterdam was advocating for the rezoning of a parcel for a property in Pittsfield Township (Ypsilanti).

The job of a Rollatician never stops, Blew Amsterdam LLC has been actively following and involved with the City Council of Detroit and are PLEASED to announce Blew Amsterdam is OFFICIALLY opening in 


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