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Let's Grow together

As we aim to encourage and support more people to get involved with the cannabis industry, Blew Amsterdam also encourages other businesses to reach out for opportunities to collaborate.

Licensed Retail Partnerships

Have your flower and/ or product showcased, sold and consumed in Michigans first Licensed Designated Adult Use Consumption Lounge! Schedule walk-throughs for your brand and get first hand feedback on your strains & products.

Marketing & Advertising

Feature your brand, company or products on Blew Amsterdam's website, social media or walls. Chosen brands & their menu will be featured on Blew Amsterdam's Weedmaps page. Schedule strain tastings and meetings at Blew Amsterdam. 

Event Promoters & Hosts

Weekends were excluded from hours of operations for private parties, weddings and other events. Social Media Influencers are welcome to host events and game nights.

Mobile Food Services & Service Providers

The additional 30+ parking spaces will be filled by some of the best mobile food services in the Mid-West! Paint & Yoga Instructors, Massage Therapists and anyone who wants to combine their craft with craft Michigan cannabis.


& Stay In Touch ! We'd love to hear from you !

Christian Perine, Founder:

Business Cell: (313) 367-6050

Justin Hatchett, Co-Founder/CEO:

Business Cell: (248) 252-9130

Partnership Forum

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